This is the largest zone producing Protected Designation of Origin wine in Greece and it covers a total of more than 2,000 hectares planted with the finest red variety of southern Greece, the Agiorgitiko or black Nemea.

The climate in the regions where the Agiorgitiko variety is cultivated is sub-arid to semi-dry, with an average annual rainfall 700-800 mm, and the average temperature ranges from 16-18oC. The soil is clay, deep, with good drainage and fertility, though the calcium carbonate content varies. In addition, the high solar thermal potential of the region, combined with the different local microclimates, create favorable conditions and opportunities to develop premium quality raw material.

Vineyard cultivation spreads across three altitudinal zones, the lowland (altitude 260-350 m), hilly (elevation 350-600 m) and mountainous (altitude 600-800 m). The vineyard in Nemea is planted in a two-sided linear fashion, with moderately dense planting (400-500 plants per acre).