The region has a long tradition of viticulture which starts from ancient times, as evidenced by a number of archaeological discoveries that link the area with wine and the cult of Dionysus.

The vine of Pausanias, which many believe to be the oldest vine in the world, is to be found here, while Homer characterizes Mantinia as a wine growing region, and, according to mythology, Mount Mainalo was also home to Pan.

Ancient Arcadians worshipped the god Pan to the same degree that they worshipped Dionysus. The relationship between pleasure and wine, is thus a relationship that has lasted for years in this region. Aristotle and Theophrastus also make reference to the wines of Arcadia. The wine of Mantinia was well known both during the Turkish Occupation and in the 19th century, and was consumed in Athens.

Mantinia, well known both in Greece and abroad, produces a white P.D.O. wine, of a particular character, with an easily distinguishable fine yet strong aroma and a characteristic acidity and freshness, for which the Moschofilero grape variety is responsible.